“Definition Essay”

Hearing stories of games played in the past on fields of straight cut grass and the sound of ball hitting bats has always had a place in my thoughts.

It’s like I was born to play the game. Past generations of my family have all played, baseball and softball to them it’s the same. But to me softball is not just a game it’s a passion, and it’s my passion.

The first time I stepped on a softball field my nerves came over me as the clay sifted beneath my cleats. As the Adrenaline ran through me I began to tremble. It’s the wind up, the pitch, the hit. The batter hit the ball right to me. Let’s just say it was dark but the sun got in my eyes and I dropped the ball. I was crushed, but then my team ended up winning and the true softball player emerged as we took a “victory lap”.

Two years later I was playing on the NWVLL (North West Volusia Little League) softball team, majors division. We were competing in the district tournament which no team in our league had ever won. My team had made it to the championships and was playing against the undefeated Debary team, undefeated that is until they played us!

It was the bottom of the sixth and I was up to bat. There’s two outs the scores zero to zero and there is a runner on third. Here comes the pitch . . . and it’s a swing and a miss. As I stepped back into the batters box, I looked at the pitcher and watched the sweat pouring off her face and I told myself “don’t go down swinging, hit the ball”. The last thing I remember was the bright red seams of the ball spinning and speeding towards me.
I hit the ball and quickly ran for first base, and then I quickly realized the runner ahead had scored and my team had taken the lead. As I was rounding second the earth began to fly in a path behind me, and I saw the left fielder running for the ball. When I reached third base the ball was thrown to home plate. Could I beat out the throw? As I dusted off the dirt off my uniform I saw that...

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