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Kerridge Dealer Systems Provider:

New Zealand
Their New Zealand Reseller is Systime who also have several other automotive solutions on offer. We know the MD/Owner of Systime and every now and then we meet.
Autoline is used by approx. 25 organisations in NZ totalling about 350 users. We know that all 11 BWM dealers (150+ users) in NZ use Autoline (and we would love to make them change).
Since we employ a former BWM employee (she actually worked with Autoline), we do have a bit feedback on Autoline.
1. User friendliness is poor.
2. Navigation through the system difficult, time consuming and slow.
3. Warranty process in place but was an online process directly from Autoline through to SAP (BWM NZ HQ) through to the factory. Realizing this integration was very, very difficult.
Overall BMW people are not happy with the system.

Additional information: Kerridge users in NZ are privately owned dealers of the following brands:
- AnnGow Motors, Dunedin: Mazda & Hyundai
- Davie Motors, Auckland: Holden
- Hamilton truck & Bus, Hamilton: Volvo
- Papakura Toyota, Auckland: Toyota
- Percy Motors, Auckland: all makes.

The only thing I know is that ever since Kerridge has been part of ADP, a lot of skilled people have left the company. This means that it is very difficult for them to deliver…. At least this is the case in Holland at the moment.

We won some deals against Kerridge notably:
• BMW project in Portugal BMW-PT decided for Incadea against the opinion of Munich (Mr. Fisher) because the former importer had already Kerridge now 132 cus.
• Leuimport/Madeira Impex - Peugeot an Mercedes Benz dealer in Madeira 41 cus.
• Garagem D Jose/Plataforma - Peugeot,Opel,Saab,Chevrolet,Suzuki dealer 37 cus.
• ASC AutoSueco - Volvo,Jaguar,LandRover and Mazda dealer 100 cus
• Gocial - VW,Audi,Skoda,Seat,Iveco,LandRover,Kia,Fiat dealer 100cus
• Martinauto/Gavis - Peugeot,VW,Audi dealer 46 cus

 So 57% (456 out of 797 cus) of...

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