Solar Power

Solar Power

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Solar Energy Panels – An Overview of a Solar Energy Panel.

When it comes to renewable energy technology, solar energy panels, which are known by some as photovoltaic modules, are one of the most popular. Basically a solar energy panel is the smallest unit that is replaceable within a PV array.

The panel offers support for a variety of different PV cells and the amount of electrical output will depend on the number of cells and the size of the cells, the conditions of the environment, and of course the electric interconnection of those cells.

When it comes to the output of a specific solar electric panel, there are four things that affect how much energy is put out, including the temperature of the cell, how efficient the photovoltaic cells are, load resistance, and of course, solar irradiance as well.

In regard to the efficiency of the photovoltaic cells, this is actually set during the manufacturing process of the cell. Load resistance decides where the panel will operate on the voltage and current curve. Then last of all the solar irradiance usually determines the current that will be generated in a particular area. So, when the brightness of the sun is increased, then the power and output voltage will decrease. So, it is best to keep the solar electric panels mounted in the areas that are the sunniest.

Shading and Photovoltaic Cells

When it comes to shading, photovoltaic panels are extremely sensitive. While solar thermal panels can take some shade, most solar electric panels will not even do well under a branch that has no leaves.

Any type of shading can reduce the light that reaches the cells significantly. The shading of any solar panel will end up in the power output being reduced. Since all the cells are connected, then the weak cell will bring down the other cells as well.

So, even if just part of a cell is shaded, it can decrease the power of all the cells. In order to avoid having a drastic reduction in the power output, it is...

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