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Solar cells

Solar radiation is the sun's energy into electrical energy devices. Solar power is a renewable green power generation, power generation process does not produce carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, will not pollute the environment. In accordance with the production of silicon semiconductor material into cells, dye sensitized cells, organic materials, batteries and so on. For solar cells is the most important parameter is the conversion efficiency, the current single-crystal silicon solar cells in the highest conversion efficiency of silicon cells (laboratory) was 29%, 24% poly battery, amorphous silicon is 17%.

More silicon

Solar energy & wind energy characteristics
The characteristics of solar PV

Power source does not spend money, but also an inexhaustible non-polluting clean energy.

• power generation and solar radiation intensity is proportional to
• Lightweight structure is simple, suitable for small-scale installation, with extensive use of
• Price: The current energy prices are high compared to conventional, with the rapid increase in the cost of traditional energy, the future will be changed (10 to 20 years)

Types of solar panels

Consists of silicon (silicon) and non-silicon (amorphous) two categories, non-silicon products, low efficiency, low power requirements of the start of sunshine, the general use in the application of products such as calculators, flashlights, backpacks, etc., the price relatively low in recent years, there is a growing power generation system was applied to products, but still non-mainstream products. Higher conversion efficiency of silicon type, usually up to more than double the non-silicon, the current mainstream products. Because the crystal purity of different product is also used in power generation shall be divided into single-crystal silicon (mono or single crystalline) and polycrystalline (poly or multi crystalline) categories. Multiple silicon (solar cell)...

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