Sold by Patricia Mccormick Essay

Sold by Patricia Mccormick Essay

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A person that is shy and aloof, can change. Many people change over time. In Sold, by Patricia McCormick, Lakshmi changes frequently. Lakshmi is sold into a prostitution ring and undergoes hard times ahead. Lakshmi is sold to a woman that told her to call her “Auntie”. The women said she was going to work as a maid and her money would be sent back to her family. Lakshmi lived in a small village in Nepal. Her life was pretty simple, full of simple pleasures. Lakshmi had a little farm and the crops were washed away leaving no income coming in, and with her stepfather gambling away the little money they had they had to sell her. In the prostitution ring she is abused and tortured. Lakshmi has many changes to her mood during this time as in; rebellion, desperation, and hopelessness.

One way Lakshmi shows she is changing is she stands up for herself to Mumtaz, when she used to be a very obedient girl. Lakshmi was a very sweet and innocent girl when she still lived at home, she lead a simple life by tending to her cucumber patch and caring for her pet goat. She is taken away from her family and taken to a brothel, where she meets Mumtaz. Mumtaz is a very evil and cold hearted person, she only wants money from the women that work in the brothel. Lakshmi is sold to Mumtaz by her own stepfather and at first she is alright with what is going on, because she is oblivious as to what is actually happening. “I wonder if perhaps this Happiness House is where the movie stars live” (McCormick 91). Lakshmi saying this shows her innocence and displays her unawareness. When she comes to realize that she has actually been sold into prostitution, she rebels against Mumtaz. Mumtaz

Sold 2

forces her to be with her first customer and she bites the man and tries to run, so Mumtaz takes her and locks her in a room by herself.

Additionally, Lakshmi rebels then is drugged and just gives in to the men and to Mumtaz. Throughout Lakshmi being sold from her family she has always...

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