Solutions to the Breakdowns of Fote Hammer Crusher

Solutions to the Breakdowns of Fote Hammer Crusher

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The working principle of hammer crusher is that the high-speed rotating hammer crashes the materials so as to achieve the goal of crushing. However, during the process of crushing, the vibration will lead to the crusher breakdown directly. The common breakdowns of hammer crusher include four situations: abrasion of bearings; over-heating of bearings; there is knock noise inside the machine; vibration of machine. According to these breakdowns and the requirements of customers, Fote has raised some solutions to the problems.

1.Abrasion of the bearings on hammer crusher: Generally speaking, there are two traditional solutions to this problem. The first one is to repair welding and the second is to process the brush plating. But both of these two solutions are easy to result in abrasion again. In this case, we suggest a product with high technology which can repair the bearings rapidly and effectively. In addition, the product can prolong the service life of the bearings to some degree.

2.Overheating of the bearings; There are three possible reasons that may lead to the overheating of bearings: lack of lubrication oil, deterioration of lubrication grease and damage of bearings. For this problem, we often add enough lubrication oil timely and if the bearing has been damaged, it should change a new one.

3.There is know noise inside the hammer crusher: For this case, the main reasons can be: there is sundries entering the hammer crusher; the spare parts used for fixing the scaleboard have been loose; the hammer or other spare parts damaged. Once meeting such situations, it should stop the machine firstly and then it should clean the crushing cavity, fasten the scaleboard and change the damaged spare parts.

4.Vibration of hammer crusher: The most important reason leading to vibration may be the hammer crusher is not placed in balance. And it also may be the abrasion of the hammer crusher is serious. So it should check all the parts of the machine and the best...

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