Solving Homelessness

Solving Homelessness


By: Justin Hall

Pro. Smith, Eng. 15 Sec. 003

1. What can we do about homelessness?
2. President Clinton came up with a plan to end homelessness in ten years.
3. One journalist thinks that it would be a good idea to ask the homeless how we should help them.
4. Sometimes natural disasters cause people to become homeless.
A. Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and wiped out millions of people’s homes.
B. It took days for help to come. We need to react faster in those situations.
5. Homelessness has become a problem in cities.
A. New York City has the worst Homeless problem in the country.
B. Homelessness has risen thirty- four percent in New York City.

Justin Hall
April 29, 2010
Eng. 15 Sec. 003
Pro Smith
Homelessness was always a problem in this country. There has always been people trying to help the homeless also. Most homeless people have been going to shelters, but they stay there for a night then are back out in the streets. What can we do about homelessness?
One writer writes that most Americans witness homelessness on a day to day basis. People that live in big cities see at least 4 to 5 homeless people on their way to work. They also see 2 to 3 homeless people holding signs stating that they are hungry.
There are approximately one hundred million people that are homeless, according to wikipedia. Some people are voluntarily homeless these people are considered nomads (Penelope).
In 2000 The National Alliance to End Homelessness released a plan called How to End Homelessness in Ten Years. This plan was endorsed by President Clinton and his Department of Housing and Urban Development. The US interagency Council on Homelessness asked 100 cities to come up with a plan to end homelessness, and more than two hundred and thirty-four communities have completed plans. Since these communities started doing this they started to see reductions in homelessness (National).
President Barrack Obama...

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