Solving Pet Problems

Solving Pet Problems

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Research Strategy Paper

Lisa Dade

Gen 200

September 23, 2010
Alicia White

Solving Pet Problems

A problem in my day to day life would be my pet misbehaving. Her name is Lulu and is a small Chihuahua/terrier mix. Lulu has two problems that need to be taken care of and quite urgently. She has accidents on the floor still and quite frequently and she barks when someone enters the door even if she knows the person already. These problems need to be fixed because she is ruining the carpet which is not good and also making my parents furious. She also irritates and annoys everyone around her with her crazy barking habits.
In my research paper, I am going to look up ways to fix Lulu’s problem. I don’t think it is very necessary to look in the library databases at University of Phoenix. I think a simple search on Google or somewhere similar will do. However, I am going to try to find some sources from professional sites. I think this may be a little hard because so many people have different ideas and preferences on training their pets. I also believe that pets learn differently and one pet may take to a different learning experience or punishment differently than another would. A problem that I have to overcome is that I need to punish her when she is bad and this is very hard for me to do.
I looked on Google search engine and typed “potty training techniques for pets.” My search pulled up over a million responses. I believe that all of them are trust worthy responses because puppy training is very opinionated. However, I found a site that definitely caught my eye. On I learned that a great way to train a pet is to monitor it closely. You need to take the pet out every time after it eats or drinks. Another way to train is called crate training. You place the dog in the cage so they learn how to train their bowels. I am not too sure if that would work for Lulu though since she...

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