Some Bullshit

Some Bullshit

Bobby Nadell
Section 13

Person Fitness Project Part 2

Goal: To increase my upper body strength

Resistance Training Program

I will use free weights and body weight training to increase my upper body strength and endurance. The program I have developed requires 4 days of lifting. It is split into 2 workouts with one day off after 2 workouts to give muscle groups sufficient time to recover. Mondays and Thursdays will focus on chest, triceps and core while Tuesdays and Fridays will be shoulders, back, and biceps. Mondays and Fridays call for heavier volume for each workout while Tuesdays and Thursday will be lighter. The following is a sample of workouts I use but I try to vary the exercises as much as possible so they my muscles don’t become accustomed to only one type of exercise.


Exercise Sets/Reps

Bench Press 3/10
Incline or decline dumbbell press 3/10
Lat pulldowns 3/10
Tricep pulldowns 3/10
Nose breakers 3/10
Dips 4/15
Clap push ups 4/20
Flutter kicks 3/ 45 seconds
Alternating sit ups (w/ medicine ball) 4/25
Rainbow twists 3/30 seconds


Seated shoulder press 3/10
Bent rows 3/10
Front dumbbell raises 3/10
Rear deltoid raises(reverse flies) 3/10
Lateral dumbbell raises 3/10
Shrugs 3/12
Pull ups 4/6
Barbell curls 3/10
21’s (curls) 2 times
Reverse curls 3/10

Cardiovascular Training Program

Increasing my cardiovascular endurance will allow me to perform better when lifting and prolong my workouts so that I can reach my goal of developing better upper body strength. I will use my 3 off days from lifting to do my cardio workouts. I will incorporate anaerobic exercises along with the aerobic routine. This will allow me to breathe more efficiently when lifting and is also an effective way to maintain my current body composition without simply bulking up. Wednesdays and Saturdays are more intense workouts, as...

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