Some People Feel That Entertainers Are Paid Too Much Money

Some People Feel That Entertainers Are Paid Too Much Money

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I agree with the view that stars in the entertainment business are usually over paid. This is true whether we are considering stars of film, sport or popular music, and it often seems that the amount of money they are able to earn in a short time cannot possibly be justified by the amount of work they do.

However, it is also true that it is only those who reach the very top of their profession who can get these huge salaries. So the size of salary that stars expect is closely linked to the competition they have to overcome in order to reach success. They are, in effect, rare talents.

Furthermore, the majority of stars do not hold their top positions long. Sport stars and pop stars, for example, are soon replaced by the next younger, more energetic, generation, while the good looks of most film stars quickly fade. So this relatively short working life may be some justification for the very high pay.

Unfortunately, professionals from other fields, who make a much greater contribution to human society, are paid so much less that it is hard to disagree with the statement. Teachers, nurses, laboratory researchers, etc. are never listed among the best-paid professionals, yet they are more important to our well-being and our future than the stars who earn their fortunes so quickly.

In conclusion, I think there may be some reasons why entertainment stars earn high salaries but overall I agree that they are overpaid. The gaps between their earnings and those of people who work less selfishly for the good of society cannot be justified. Such professionals should be much better appreciated and better paid

To answer the question, "Are movie stars and sports players pay too much?" You have to look at how much some of the other people who work in our community are paid. For example, truck drivers, this job is underpaid. The reason I say this is because these people, these men and women in our community drive all of our goods to the places they need to go and yet...

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