Some people start screw press Square, is so eager to get your life

Some people start screw press Square, is so eager to get your life

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Extraordinary quality created in line with the value of outstanding public Hengtong press, the new screw press is to make the blanks

in the chamber continuously pressing forward, in a dynamic role to extract crude oil pressing machine. In addition to the feed hopper,

the virgin bore a major part of the job, squeezed by a screw shaft and a cylindrical cage pressed components.

There are single-stage and two-stage crushing squeeze in two forms, single stage only a recumbent virgin bore, plus a two-stage straight

virgin bore for first-class squeeze. Pressing screw shaft screw and pressed by a number of packages from the ring on the shaft composition.

Each pressing screw and screw pitch has some deep, while a pressing screw shaft each pitch from the feed port to the discharge port gradually

shortened, snails deep faded, thus making virgin bore volume gradually from the inlet to the outlet reduced.

After pressing into the bore of the preform along the pressing stage to the exit of the spiral screw forward, gradually increases the pressure

on to the oil gradually extruded. Inter-shaped cage squeezed juice bars and juice bars to install the gasket to form the oil gap, out of crude oil that is flowing through this gap.

Large screw press expeller cage is also equipped with scraper blade opening virgin bore depth, FIRST press align each pitch circle, to prevent

the blanks in the virgin bore slip and prevent back blank, and to adjust the cake thickness, so that the corresponding virgin bore pressure

control and reduce the residual rate.

1, small oil press almighty press, a machine. Can be pressed peanut, soybean, rapeseed, cottonseed, sunflower, sesame, tea seed, tung seed, castor,

almond, linseed, safflower oilseeds and other oil crops.

2, north and south GM, seasons, due to the oil pan device uses a heating temperature control system, which can automatically adjust the crude oil

temperature according to the ambient...

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