Someone That I Admire

Someone That I Admire

Question: Some countries that accept migrant workers and their families attempt to integrate them into one national lifestyle. Others adopt a broad policy of multi-culturalism. Discuss the advantages/disadvantages of each approach.

In an era of globalization, it is common that people over the world live together with different nationalities, races and religious beliefs. Some countries integrate different people into one national culture, while others have a multicultural society. In this essay, both sides of this issue will be discussed.

It is obvious that all immigrants living the one lifestyle can make nations all in good order, and appear to be an integrated nation. In the other hand, people can tend to love their country deeply by having same behaviors. Several ethnic groups may feel marginalized as they find it hard to integrate with the rest of society.

However, some weakness also be triggered by other people. Life in the nationwide will be monotonous when all citizens do the same behaviors. They will lose some interests of their life gradually. In addition, certain aspects of same cultures, from cuisines to languages and festivals are repeated and imitated. A country without multicultural can be quite boring and depressing. The immigrants will feel confused about different traditions, thus their life will be full of conflicts and quarrels constantly.

I believe that society benefits greatly from the influx of immigrants from all over the world. They bring their ways of doing various of things into the society. For instance, it not only enhances or even improves the way how economy is done; it also makes influences in education, political circles, and legislation systems. With all the wonderful international food, music, customs that immigrants bring, thus, they make our cities vibrant and attractive places to live in and to visit for tourism. A nation’ future depends on maintaining and strengthening its capacity to bring people together...

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