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ENG 20002: Introduction to Technical Writing
Fall 2013

Section 490: call 14304 / Section 491: call 14305
WEB Course
three credit hours
Kent State University at Geauga
(November 3, 2013, is the last day for withdrawal from the course)

Instructor: Mahli Xuan Mechenbier (Associate Lecturer, English)
Bachelor of Arts Kent State University
Master of Arts John Carroll University
Juris Doctor University of Akron School of Law

Office: Regional Academic Center 202-T
Main line at Regional Academic Center: (330) 888-6400
Prof. M’s mobile: (330) 283-6910
Email: (for the purposes of this course, ONLY email me through BB Learn)

Office Hours: MW 11:00 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
and by appointment

I encourage you to make in-person or phone appointments with me as needed.

Required Texts:

Alred, Gerald J., Charles T. Brusaw, and Walter E. Oliu. Handbook of Technical Writing. 10th ed.
Boston: Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2012. (ISBN # 978-0-312-67945-3)

Markel, Mike. Technical Communication. 10th ed.  Boston:  Bedford / St. Martin’s, 2012.
(ISBN # 978-0-312-67948-4)


► A solid knowledge of grammar and MLA
► Familiarity with Blackboard prior to entering the course
► Flash drive
► The ability to work in collaborative groups
► A good dictionary and thesaurus
► Microsoft Office (including Publisher)
► Attention to deadlines

Course Description:  Because you may spend more than 20% of your job time writing, your ability to communicate effectively will be an asset to your career, whether you are employed in the sciences, business and industry, or in governmental, social, and professional services.  Specific forms and types of professional and technical writing will be introduced that are employed for special functions, purposes, and employment-related objectives.  This course concentrates on professional formats, including résumés, proposals, memos, and other kinds of...

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