Something Not Useful

Something Not Useful

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Annotated Bibliography
Fuller, C. (2004). School starts at home: simple ways to make learning fun. Colorado Springs, CO: Piñon Press.
While using this text, it will help indentify the best way to communicate, teacher or parent, with the student. Whether home school or in school, this text will help with the student. From being more creative, study habits, and the joys of learning. This book will help utilize the importance of communication with a young student. Helping my introduction and thesis statement.

Apel, K., & Masterson, J. J. (2012). Beyond baby talk: from speaking to spelling : a guide to language and literacy development for parents and caregivers (Rev. ed.). New York: Three Rivers.
This text will certainly help start of the paper. Possibly the beginning of the body paragraphs. While learning how to speak past baby talk will only be the start of communicating while in a classroom setting. As the book says, “The first eight years of life are a critical period for language..” this will certainly help the understanding of what needs to be done.

Fox, J. (2008). Your child's strengths: discover them, develop them, use them. New York: Viking.
Reading this book will better understand the ways one can communicate with their student. Knowing the strengths can help communicate, connect, with the student. This text helps is more ways than thinkable. With pinpointing the weakness’ to younger students strengths and connecting to relationship strengths. While using in many different body paragraphs, this may be the most helpful research.

Demıralay, R., & Karadenız, Ş. (2010). The Effect of Use of Information and Communication Technologies on Elementary Student Teachers' Perceived Information Literacy Self-Efficacy. Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice, 10(2), 841-851.
With the use of ICT, Information Communication Technology, is very usefull. The fact that many things are changing in the 21st century, mainly the way people communicate, certainly...

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