Son of the Mob - Essay

Son of the Mob - Essay

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Son of the Mob


Son of the Mob
Son of the Mob is a book written by Canadian author Gordon Korman in 2002. Although the book is relatively easy to read, it is intended for readers 12 years and up. Korman has also written a sequel titled Son of the Mob 2: Hollywood Hustle.

• Vince Luca: a 17-year-old son of the "Mob boss," determined to remain out of his father's business. Vince doesn't want to be part of his father's job -- a wish that is (for the most part) respected. Things get more complicated when he realizes that his new girlfriend, Kendra Bightly, is the daughter of the FBI Agent who is monitoring his dad • Anthony Luca: "Honest Abe", the Mob boss of New York City • Mrs. Luca: Anthony's wife, a renowned homemaker whose involvement in the family business is unclear • The Uncles: various associates of Anthony Luca, these include "Uncle Bignose," "Uncle Uncle," "Uncle Pampers" and others • Jimmy Rat: a local loser who owes money to Anthony Luca and some of the uncles • Ed Mishkin: another local loser who's in debt to Anthony • Kendra Bightly: Vince's girlfriend and the daughter of the FBI agent investigating Anthony Luca • Alex Tarkanian: Vince's best friend; whiny, annoying, unpopular • Ray Francione: an undercover FBI agent in Anthony Luca's Mob. Vince's favorite uncle because he is the only one who understands why Vince does not want to be a part of the Mob (because he is an FBI agent) • Tommy Luca: A part of his dad's vending and the son of the head of the New York Mob. • Angela O' Bannon: Vince's one date during the first chapter that didn't go well.

Plot summary
Vince Luca is a 17-year-old in high school. Vince falls in love with FBI agent Bightly's daughter Kendra. Vince gets mixed up in his father's illegal business when he is approached with a tale of woe by "Jimmy Rat." It seems that Jimmy Rat has a severe gambling debt, and some of Vince's "uncles" are planning to cut off his fingers as an encouragement to pay off a debt....

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