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In my childhood, religious upbringing was very unique. My father is Jewish, and my mother is catholic. They tried to send me to Sunday school, and Hebrew school, however I never was able to last in those schools. It just wasn’t for me. I felt very uncomfortable being there. The only thing that I was aware of as a child regarding religion was the fact that I get to celebrate Hanukah and Christmas. That was definitely cool.

The make up of my family, I find is a very interesting. On my mothers side we are full blooded Sicilian. All of my mothers’ side is Roman Catholic. We celebrate all the holidays as one big, loud and argumentative family. That was until the death of my great grandmother. I was only fifteen at the time of her passing.
My mother, father, sister and I were over my great grandmothers’ house eating chicken soup for dinner. Everything during dinner was normal, everyone talking and having a good time. At the end of the night my family and I said our goodbyes to my great grandmother and then we went on our way.

A few hours later we received a frantic phone call from my aunt Debbie stating that my great grandmother was in the hospital. And that they weren’t sure how much longer she was going to live. She was suffering from conge native heart failure. At the age of 88 this was just too much for her to overcome.

As we raced to the hospital, we were all consumed with fear, despair, and anxiety and weeping heavily. My great grandmother and I had the closest relationship out of anyone in my family. She was more than just a great grandmother to me. She was my life; I lived for her every breath and for her total happiness. I was often called her “body guard.” No one was permitted to talk negatively or act in any ill will towards her. If they did, no matter whom, I would immediately defend her like a tiger protecting her cubs.

They gave my great grandmother only 3 days to live after her entry into the hospital....

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