Sonnd Elements

Sonnd Elements

Sound Elements and Their Effects and Directorial Style

Alonzo White



Shawmel Hsieh

The following is an analysis of the 1994 film Pulp Fiction written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.The analysis will cover areas of the film, such as Sound Effects/Musical Score and Directorial Style. A Q and A session.

Sound Effects/Musical Score

Q: How are visible and invisible sound used in the film?

A: The visible sound used in this film is the extensive dialogues between characters that illustrate the life of a small mob in Los Angeles California. The invisible sound used in film was the narration which made the movie as great as it was. As talked the viewer through the scenes.

Q: How is music used in the film? Does the musical score remain inconspicuous in the back ground, or does it demand our attention?

A: The music that presents the feeling to the audience is compelling. The music is so clam and puts the audience right in to the mood of the film that you can feel the intensity and passion that the characters are feeling.

Q: Is sound or music used to provide important transitions in the film? How?

A: The transition from scene to scene is presented in a way that you could not fall asleep in this movie even if you tried. Both sound and music are used. At the end of the opening scene when Vincent Vega (John Trovlta) and Jules Winnfeild (Samuel L. Jackson) are killing some drug dealers for the content of a briefcase. The sound of gun fire and the song Lets Stay Together ( Al Green) is playing in the background as the transition to the next scène happens where Marseilles’ Wallace( Ving Rhames) is paying off Butch Coolidge( Bruce Wills) to throw a fight The song represents the bond that Wallace and Coolidge have.

Q: Does the use of sound or music suggest the subjective states of mind of the characters in the film? How?

A: Yes the use of sound or music does suggest the state of mind of the characters. If the...

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