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Sonodyne Uranus II Stereo Integrated Amplifier SA-580
The staggering 400 W power output will carry you from a world of pure sound into a world of pure exhilaration. The power amplifier is build around a single hybrid IC. Logic controlled touch switches allow input selection. Theres hi-filter, loudness control and a tape monitor. Specially designed components and an advanced PCB layout. A unique heat-sink design and a heavy duty power supply Mic. Input and mixing facilities
• 400W of peak music power
• Logic controlled touch switches
• Microphone mixing facility with mixing control
• Loudness and high-filter switch
• Direct tape recording and monitoring facility
• 3 mains outlet sockets for ancillary equipment

Sonodyne Stereo Double Cassette Deck with Dolby NR and High-speed dubbing SD-580
This Uranus high speed deck is a classic example of innovative design. The line of components are specically engineered so your tape delivers extreme highs and lows. Theres Dolby NR in record, playback and dubbing. Synchro start in the dubbing mode. Separate equalisation circuits for normal, chrome and metal tapes. Low noise IC and metal film resistors. A rugged mechanism with soft touch keys. Brilliant frequency response. High level inputs like headphone, microphone and auxiliary sockets, 6 LED peak reding VU meter.
• Normal and high speed dubbing (high-speed option steps up the speed by 2:1)
• Synchor start in dubbing mode
• Dolby-B noise reduction – improves SNR by 3 times
• Metal tape compatibility
• Rugged mechanism with soft touch keys
• Recording possible from microphone as well as line inputs
• Headphone output for monitoring recordings
• LED type VU meter with very low attack time

Sony Compact Disc Player CDP-K11

Kenwood 12 band Graphic Equaliser

Sonodyne 3 way 3 speaker system SX-909
A carefully matched 3 way, 3 speaker system incroporating a Japanese mid-range, a specially designed crossover network and a bass reflex with twin port design....