Sony Comany

Sony Comany

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Existentialist Philosophy
Jean Paul Sartre was born in 21 June 1995 at Paris in France. His mother name is Jean Baptiste Sartre who is the officer of French Navy. His father was died when he was 15 years old. Satre became attracted after he studied about the Philosophy of Henri Bergon’s essay on the immediate date of consciousness. His main interest is in Metaphysics, Ontology, Ethics, Politics, and Phenomenology. He studied and earns principle of philosophy in Paris. Sartre is the famous versatile writer and dominant influence in three decades of French thinker life.

Sartre has developed the great concept of philosophy in Existentialism. Sartre defines about the existentialism that existence of a person comes gradually before his essence. When the human exist they have nothing such as his character, objectives, future and so on. When he exists he can make by himself to recognize him and define himself his essence. Stare believes that world was nothing for man and man should find the path of his own life he should find the value and make path for his own personal life.

In his existentialism philosophy he defines two words anguish and forlornness. In a very simple word anguish is a feeling of you and forlornness is feeling of others. His philosophy is defined that Human action should be responsible for themselves on the other hand they should responsible for others. If the action affects others then individuals are the responsible for the action. His philosophy of existentialism is based on these worlds and also he defines this concept in his other works. Sartre addresses his existentialism to the human about their view of life and man. His views directly connected with the existentialism. He believes human has no pre existing concept he believes that human can make himself and he makes himself who he is. There are no any standard rules that man make his decision. He can make his decision by himself and he is the boss for himself. He can make his image...

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