Sop Eee

Sop Eee

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Statement of Purpose
It was school secondary levels which fascinated me on Civil Engineering and choose to take my career in it. From past eight years being a Civil Engineering professional I had a wide range of exposure to theoretical designing and physical realization of structures. when I joined in Diploma in Civil Engineering(2000), I faced many tough times in the beginnings and I took it as an challenge and successfully completed my diploma in 2003. In the due course I learned many new subjects but my special interest on mathematics has developed a keen interest on structural engineering. I used to think that how the world greatest structures like WTC, Pentagon, and Petronas twin towers have such great stability to natural calamities and which contributed me to increase my interests on structural engineering.

After my diploma I thought that being a professional merely having subject knowledge is not enough so I decided to work for construction industry. I learned practical exposure in designing a live projects and construction process. I worked in various positions as Site Engineer to Junior Design Engineer. My curiosity on knowing new cutting edge technology and design methods has motivated to continue my studies by joining engineering under graduation. With two year of work experience on hand I have taken entrance test for under graduation in which I secured state 4th rank which in return encouraged me to work hard in under graduation. So in the year 2005 with that rank I got admission into Chaitanya Bharathi Institute of Technology a well reputed and scintillating institute in my state even in South India and was selected for Prathibha Award from State Board of Technical Education for excelling in technical competitive examination and was offered merit scholarship for that year and later based on my performance in under graduation it got renewed consecutively for three years.

During my undergraduate studies, I was exposed to...

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