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Sop Ma

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Statement of Purpose
MA International Relations

I come from a country where more than 25 per cent of the population lives below the poverty line 1. This is hardly a state of statistics that befits the world largest democracy; especially one that seeks to be an inclusive society. Having lived and travelled widely across India, that the consequences of this brutal reality should be evident to me is hardly surprising. Simply put, for all the development that has been achieved by India and its billion plus people – and some of the development is staggering indeed – there is no gainsaying that the promise to create an egalitarian society, where at least the basic human rights of all its citizens are satisfied has not come true.

India has a vigilant media system and there is evidence of excellence in many spheres of reporting and analysing by the Press, even as there are areas of great ‘ordinariness’ that demand sensitive and informed communication. It is in this exercise of meaningful communication that I wish to receive training and guidance.

Hopefully, this training will help me respect the growth strategies that have helped India emerge from the depths of extreme poverty to an economy that is poised to be among the largest in the world in a matter of years and yet critically assess such progress that leaves at least 300 million people outside its purview.

What my generation is looking for is freedom from poverty and its oppressive culture, even as I juxtapose my country along with the current context of a globalized world. I do believe that a first class education in understanding the impact of nations on one another; of being able to analyze domestic events and decisions against the backdrop of the international thinking and strategies, is critical to my emerging as a journalist of substance. Hence, my interest in pursuing a master’s degree in International Relations.

Effective communication has been a passion with me, whether it be with the...

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