Sound Designers

Sound Designers

Role of sound Designer

Sound Designers are responsible for providing any vital sounds to go along with TV, monitor, and screen action. They work with the production mixer, sound supervisor, the editor, and the director to create original sounds. They may work with many people including editors and directors to create the entire soundtracks or just some kind of effects. Most sound designers are experienced sound editors who do a lot of decision-making. They may supervise the work of the entire sound post production process as well as having a specialized role in creating the sound concept for the production. Sound Designers need to know of acoustics, sound recording and analogue and digital editing techniques. They usually spend their time recording and experimenting with everyday sounds before entering the industry. Sound designers develop skill wise over the years from working in and on smaller projects to bigger projects and places.

When recording you have to consider some process. Such as Field recording or creating your own sound in controlled area.

Here are some self-created sounds such as:

Machine gun.
Throwing grapes at a wall; each time you throw the grape you slow down the throw. This method creates a machine gun fire sound.
Now we could’ve recorded the sound of machine gun but that means we’d have to find the right place and pay. However with this method it is so much cheaper and less loud. It does give a very similar sound to a machine gun even though it isn’t exactly the same as recording a machine gun.
Walking on gravel effect.
You put a packet of crisps in your mouth and press it with an object or someone’s foot. This method helps give the sound that someone is walking on certain surface like gravel.
Now we could’ve taken someone to walk on gravel but that means I would have to have found the right place which can be costly and time consuming. So this method is much quicker.
Cave sound drips.
So in this method you drip water...

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