JP Shohfi
Mrs. Johns
Eng. 3-4

Interpretive Analysis: The Catcher in the Rye

1. Holden Caulfield passionately despises "phonies" due mostly to their vocabulary and
speaking tendencies. Holden claimed to the reader, " That's something that drives me
crazy. When people say something twice that way " (p. 10). Although Holden dislikes
"phonies", he himself is a "phony". The same traits he characterizes with "phonies" are
quite often shown in his actions. Holden tends to repeat the same phrases, just as
"phony" would. In a conversation, he finished with," Thanks, though. Thanks a lot, sir "
(p. 15) . It is also possible that Holden despises "phonies" so much because of the fact
that he is one. Perhaps he realizes this and is disappointed in his own life, so he hates
everyone who acs in that manner.

2. Holden cannot find a place to fit in merely because of his actions. His attitude toward
school as well as the way he acts around the people there causes him to be more of an
outcast. He is also extremely judgmental toward every student, which might cause some
tension between them.Holden is in a rebellious stage in his life, which also causes him
more distance from his peers. His actions reflect that he is attempting to act older than
his age. This translates to his life out of school. His "mature" attitude puts him with an
older crowd, where he is treated like a baby because of his young age and looks. When
asking if a woman wanted to get drinks with him, the woman asked, " Dear, are you
allowed to order drinks?" (p. 57) Holden's age isolates him from this group. Thus, he does
Not fit in well, either at school or in New York.

3. Holden commonly plans on calling someone, but does not make the call because he is
not in the mood....

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