Soybean oil press equipment too late to take advantage of everything, have the courage to challenge yourself

Soybean oil press equipment too late to take advantage of everything, have the courage to challenge yourself

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FIRST soybean oil press equipment, energy efficient, value-added considerable benefits. The whole machine supporting bin, electrical connection can produce, easy to operate, the oil extraction industry will choose the replacement product. For the majority of rural and urban unemployed and laid-off workers and provide re-employment opportunities to get rich.

Drawbacks of traditional oil extraction methods: Original Square, poorly equipped, heavy operation, large area, high energy consumption, the oil is low, and poor sanitation. For this, soybean oil press equipment FIRST advanced design, reliable performance, simple operation, easy maintenance, can be a virgin net, while saving time and labor, the oil is high, equipped with small power, pure oil, a machine can be sesame, peanut, rapeseed, soybean, sunflower, flax oil and other 20 kinds of oil were processed.

Device in operation, the treated oil from the hopper into the pressing well bore. By pressing the spiral turn make the material to keep the embryos in advance, be pressed. Because of the material in the soybean oil press embryo virgin bore is carried out in a state of motion, pressing bore under high pressure conditions, resulting in a great deal of friction between the material and the pressing screw embryo, embryo and virgin material breech, so can make between material embryo micro friction material, resulting in relative motion. On the other hand, due to the pressing screw root diameter is gradually thickening Park pitch is gradually reduced, so that when pressing screw rotates, the thread hard material that is able to move forward embryo, but also outward and upward while pressing close to screw thread material layer surface with the pressing axis also rotates. Thus within each parison pressing bore particle velocity is not the same direction of movement, but also exist between the particles relative motion. The heat generated by friction and the oil extraction process operation satisfies the...

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