Soybean Peeling Machine Industry Development Features and Problems

Soybean Peeling Machine Industry Development Features and Problems

Aiming at the problems of SOYBEAN PEELING MACHINE industry, the government should adopt comprehensive measures, strengthen the macro-control to soybean peeling machine industry and realize harmonious development of feeds processing and soybean peeling machine industry. In policy-making, the government should reinforce agriculture infrastructure, enlarge the input in soybean peeling machine industry and promote good quality and high yield beans to provide sufficient raw material for soybean peeling machine industry.

Meanwhile, the relevant departments should reinforce international and domestic bean market monitoring, guide bean production, transportation and consumption correctly, and stabilize soybean peeling machine industry balance between supply and demand.
To sum up, domestic soybean peeling machine industry faces some problems and shortcomings. But we have series of solutions for these problems and have confidence to ensure soybean peeling machine industry long-term development.

To enlarge soybean peeling machine market profits, the soybean peeling machine enterprises should increase technology input, improve production features and ensure the machine quality. Only by this, can we realize long-term development and get better soybean peeling machine market profits.

Soybean peeling machine industry, as one of the main processing industries, has been developing rapidly these years. Soybean peeling machine industry development promotes domestic processing industry to develop. But there are also some problems in soybean peeling machine industry and we need to find solutions for these problems.

We take soybean as an example. Usually we don’t eat boiled soybean kernels directly. First, this is not tasty enough, and then most of soybean nutrition cannot be adsorbed very well. Instead, we always peel soybeans by bean peeler and grind soybeans by bean grinder. Then peeled bean kernels and bean flour has wide usage and can be used to cook different...

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