Soybean Processing Plant Breakdown

Soybean Processing Plant Breakdown

How much do you know about soybean processing plant breakdown? When you use a soybean processing plant, it is inevitable to have some malfunctions. Following are some solutions. It may be block of the sieve if the soybean processing plant outputs fewer flour or does not extract.

The soybean processing plant works in a normal condition, but the yield decreases. You should regulate clearance of grinding rollers and tightly press the spring to guarantee identical clearance.

If the extracted flour is too heated, you should properly loosen clearance of the grinding rollers. If the rollers are worn out, you should repair or change them as soon as possible. In Summer you should particularly care about heat dissipation of the soybean processing plant.

If the machine only outputs flour without bran. It may be due to wrong direction of the main axis, damage of the sieve or untight seal of the sieve rim.

If the soybean processing plant shakes, you should fix the screws, tighten the bolts between grinding head and bracket, check connection to the foundation screws.

Soybean processing plant meets this requirement very well. By soybean processing plant, we can produce various kinds of corn food. Soybean processing plant, as a kind of machine, will have some breakdowns after long-time operation. This requires us to keep a good maintenance on the machine.
Now let’s analyze the 5 common breakdown.

1. High temperature. If the machine has too high temperature, we can loosen the grinder roll. If the grinder roll has a serious abrasion, we should mend it or change it in time. Especially in summer, if the SOYBEAN PROCESSING PLANT has too high temperature, we can make the machine stop for heat dissipation.
2. No powder or less powder. Then we should check the screen whether it is blocked.
3. No bran. Then we may consider that the main shaft has a wrong rotation direction, or the reel sealing is untight or the screen is broken.
4. Shaking machine body. Then we...

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