Space Habitat

Space Habitat

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Executive Summary:
We have chosen Mars, the fourth planet from the sun in the inner solar system as an appropriate host for our project. It would be a hybrid idea in which large maneuverable spaceships would be manufactured and sent to Mars where they shall land and be stationed to support 25000 persons. The spaceships will have residential units in the form of capsule living units. Recreation units will also be provided on board.
The utilization of resources has been done to the fullest as many metals, vital life supporting gases and other materials will be extracted on Mars through various processes mentioned like Zirconia electrolysis, Sabatier processes, metallurgy etc.
Spaceships have their own unique propulsion systems and design for the portion to be used by the citizens. An effective transport system of monorails and escalators will be put in place. Microwave access and fibre optic transmission systems which will be extremely reliable will be used for the communication systems. The communication devices inbuilt in the Mars orbiters of NASA and ESA will function as the communication satellites for the settlement on Mars. Microwave relay link connections supported by the spaceships would be enough to handle exchange of terabits of information.
The ten spaceships used will have their own internal pressurization system and an air conditioning system which will use methane as a coolant, methane being available on Mars.
Nuclear energy and solar energy will be used for power production for the entire city composed of the spaceships. For the use of solar energy special photovoltaic cell units will be mounted on the rooftops of the spaceships. They will have several other advantages such as production of heat while power production which will be extremely valuable to the human settlement on Mars. Hydrogen polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells would also be used aboard spaceships for backup supply. Moreover...

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