Roosevelt Middle School
Science Department
Grade 7 and 8 Science Fair Project


The Roosevelt Middle School Science Department is notifying you that your child will be responsible for completing a Science Fair Project this summer. Specific requirements regarding procedures and expectations have been explained in class by your child’s teacher. Parent/Guardian, please assist your child in this process. Together, this experience will be more meaningful and fun. Also, please be aware of and observe all safety conditions. Enclosed you will find a packet titled “How to Prepare a Science Fair Project. Please have your student read and follow the guidelines as outlined in the packet. This project packet minus the Science Boards will be due October 15th & 16th, 2013. Students will be chosen at this point to represent the class at our RMS school fair. Students will need to place their materials onto science boards at this time. Boards are due 10/21-22/2013. The Science fair packet can be printed from my edline page.

RMS school science fair is on 10/31/2013.

**Please note, Science Fair is counted as a Project grade worth 20% of the total student grade. Late Projects will be dropped one letter grade for each class not submitted, as stated in the Syllabus. **

The Science teachers at Roosevelt Middle would like to thank you in advance for your support in helping your sons and daughters to be successful in this endeavor.


Mr. Fletcher
RMS Science Teacher

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Sept. 9 (G Day) & 4 (M Day)
Topic Selection is due!!!

Sept. 23 (G Day) & 24 (M Day)
Spend time researching your topic, taking notes, reading and checking information. Look on the Internet, at the...

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