Spain and Cyprus

Spain and Cyprus

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By the start of mid-term break I have to decide where I should spend the vacations this time; in Spain or in Cyprus, this decision is not as complicated as it may seem. I think Spain is a must-see, and a must-experience, destination.

Both of the countries I am comparing are European, surrounded by sea, famous for its beautiful beaches and magnificent coasts, a wonderful example of ancient civilizations, cold rainy in winter and hot dry in summer, have high mountains, eye catching rivers and great lakes.

People of both of the countries are loving and hospitable, also the best regional cuisines and restaurants are available for the tourists, travelling across both of the countries is a journey full of joy and new experiences; like dances, music, totally different customs and every time new looking architecture.

Spain is one of the most popular, attractive and repeatedly visited country by most of the tourists of the world that is beautiful all the way through. This could be said for Cyprus also, but what sets Spain incredibly apart from Cyprus is not just the aesthetical aspect, but its versatile nature for being a large and diverse country, although Cyprus is much cheaper than Spain; but a tour to Spain offers much more to experience and enjoy.

It is true that planning for the journey to Cyprus needs less time and effort, and it has its own famous dishes and festivals but the essence of Spanish attraction still more powerful because of the rarity and uniqueness of the elements of Spanish life, like regional dishes for example the popular tuna dish (Marmitako), uncommon festivals like tomato fight festival (La Tomatina) and very different music and dances like Jota.

Cyprus -like Spain- offers its visitors the happiness of experiencing the ice sports like skiing and hiking, and sea sports like diving and sailing, but what Cyprus doesn’t and Spain offers is watching live and even being a part of Bull Fight; the most unique sport known for centuries...

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