Spartan Source Assignment

Spartan Source Assignment

The Picture below is a 6th century Lakonian kylix depicting a hunting scene, from the Louvre Museum, Paris
Spartan cup shows hunters chasing the Calydonian Boar. This monster of legend terrorized the countryside, until a group of Greek heroes killed it.
This Lakonian Kylix depicting a hunting scene shows us the important elements of everyday life within Sparta. Hunting is considered to be one of the most popular leisure activities for Spartans.
The source is a Kylix (an ancient Greek cup with a shallow bowl) and contains Spartan armor, such as spears and javelins, and it shows strength, courage and the social distinction of men
The Spartan men hunting a boar is a mark of great social distinction for a man and the killing of ones first boar was a young mans ‘rite of passage’ to full manhood. The Spartans believed that hunting developed a mans courage and agility and made him a better solder. Having a visual representation of this stage in Spartans life defines the importance this concept of everyday life is to the Spartan man.

It proves that the nature of Spartan society was unique. This Lakonian Kylix suggests that hunting was in fact exclusive and showed true characteristics of Spartiate life.

This ancient archeological source relates to hunting as part of Spartan everyday life, craftsmanship and also clothing and armour. Hinting was a major part of everyday life and the image portrayed in this source provides a visual representation of what the Spartans wore as armour and protection, what the Spartans hunted and the skills and materials, involved in creating this archeological source.

This ancient archeological source is useful reliable to an extent.
It is useful as it’s a visual representation of an important aspect of a spartiates everyday life and the detail reveals more aspects of Spartan society as well. Like the clothing and armour and the craftsmanship. The title of the artefact, “Lakonian Kylix” indicates that it is from Lakonia. Along...

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