English II ST Name:__________________________


• Write the date and the topic at the top of the page.
• All entries should be a full paragraph (at least 10 complete sentences) that includes:
o A topic sentence
o Specific supporting details
o A closing sentence

Journal Entry Topics (with page references):
• Choose a statement from the anticipation/reaction guide. Explain why you have the belief that you do (Handout: anticipation/reaction guide).
• Describe your first day of high school (3)
• Make a list of “clans” that exist in your school. What is each “clan” like? Do you belong to vbbvfa “clan”? (4)
• Make a list of five lies “they” tell you in your school. How would you confront those lies? (5, 148)
• Describe a humiliating or embarrassing moment.(8)
• Melinda’s room says a lot about her. How does your room express who you are? (15)
• What do report cards really say about students?
• Is school a place where you can really say what you think, or not? Why? (55)
• Have you ever felt like there were two "yous" fighting inside you? Explain. (132)
• Communication breaks down in Melinda’s family. If you were a parent, how would communication be in your family? (14)
• Why do we sometimes not like people who are really good at things, like sports, music, art, or school? Is this fair? Are adults like this? (20)
• Was being a child better than being a teenager? In what ways? In what ways is it better to be older? (99)
• What clubs, sports, or activities are you involved in? Is it true that 9th graders “hang back” and don’t join groups? Why? (23)
• Melinda is both relieved and sad not to go trick or treating. What does it feel like to leave childhood traditions behind? (39)
• After reading the book, choose a statement from the anticipation/reaction guide. Explain how your belief has changed after reading Speak. (Handout: anticipation/reaction guide)....

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