Special Friend

Special Friend

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Her feet and my feet


My girlfriend’s elegant feet are much more pleasing to the eye than mine. In my own mind I’d like to think I had normal feet, but after seeing my girlfriend’s feet I realized how far from reality I was. Her feet are the most beautiful feet I had ever seen walking on this earth, nature’s work of art. Mine, on the other hand, are just a sad case of nature’s own neglect. The shape of her feet, her toes, her arches, the size of her feet, her ankles and the time spent grooming, differ greatly when compared to mine. The fact we walk and stand on our own two feet is probably the only similarities our feet share.   

 The shape of my girlfriend’s feet has the loveliness of an angel when compared to mine. The charm of my girlfriend’s feet comes from their splendid shape. The bottom of her feet has the form of the oceans that surround the planet, and the curves of her feet emanate a vivid beam of beauty as you gaze at them, plus her feet are as soft as the fabric of silk, just artistic wonders of nature. On the flip side, the shape of my feet did not receive the greatest benefit of nature’s talent. The bottom of my feet is flat as the area of a plateau, and the curves of my feet never developed as nature decided it was not necessary, plus my feet are not as soft as hers; in part because the word pedicure was foreign language to me until I met my current girlfriend.

My girlfriend’s gorgeous toes are much more proportioned than mine. Her toes look very symmetrical; all of her toes are beautifully shaped, their size is gradually balanced with splendid beauty, plus her toenails are decorated with nice pretty designs and colors that enhance the natural beauty of her toes. My toes on the other hand, are not so fortunate. The symmetry of my toes is almost non-existent; the shape of my toes is yet to be defined by geometry, the size of my toes varies greatly from one toe to the next, and the only design on my feet is my big toe, which resembles a...

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