Special Problems Parents Face Today Raising Children

Special Problems Parents Face Today Raising Children

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Special Problems Parents Face Today Raising Children

In today’s society raising children can be very hard. The decisions to be made are

becoming more and more difficult as the economy, technology, and people change.

Parents sometimes don’t realize when they start their families how different outside

influences can affect the inside results of parenting and the outcome of their children.

Different stages and ages of their child’s life will welcome different problems. I

haven’t experienced this because I don’t have any children, but I do have a lot of

nieces and nephews and I pay close attention to the way parents raise their children and

problems that may occur.

While the children are in their first few years of life, a major issue for a family is

babysitting or daycare. In two career families the decision becomes more complex. One

of the decisions may be whether or not daycare is worth the money, or is it simpler

for the lesser income parent to stay home with the children. Many factors like the

economics of the situation will take place in the decision. Not to mention, sometime

parents believe it’s better for the child if in the first few years of life they’re, at all times,

near at least one of the parents. Once a decision is made and daycare is decided, more

issues may come to the surface.

A parent would have to see their children off to the daycare and pick them up after

work. In many cases daycares may close before a parent’s scheduled work day is over. In

this case parents can opt to take turns dropping off and picking up their children. Some

parents may decide to work part time and in a some cases the employer may work with a

parent on their childcare schedule.

In cases where the parents aren’t familiar with the daycare or know the people

working in it then the parents should do some research or ask around to get information

on the daycare. I’ve worked in...

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