Specific Developmental Disorder

Specific Developmental Disorder

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Specific Developmental Disorder

Currently specific developmental disorders found in the common population have drawn the attention of clinical psychologists in view of their adverse effects on human behaviour and activities.

1. Developmental arithmetic disorder

2. Developmental expressive writing disorder

3. Developmental reading disorder

4. Developmental articulation disorder

5. Developmental language disorder

1. Developmental arithmetic disorder:

Any day to day activity requiring the skill of arithmetic is adversely affected and impaired in this disorder. This skill includes understanding, naming and using mathematical terms, mathematical operations or concepts, translating written problems into mathematical symbols, perceptual skills, attention skills and mathematical skills. The person having this disorder suffers from serious inferiority complex and other social and personal difficulties because of lack of arithmetic skill.


The current view is that the etiology is multifactorial and hence it has not so far been possible to indicate any specific reason of this disorder. It is held that maturational cognitive, emotional, educational and socio economic factors account in different amount and also in combinations for the development of arithmetic disorder.


The causes being diverse it is difficult to treat this disorder by a specific therapeutic technique. However, remedial educational intervention is presently renewed as the most effective treatment of developmental arithmetic disorder. The technique of treatment however may vary with the nature and degree of the disorder keeping in view the specific patient in mind. Physical therapy and sensory integration activities may help to some extent.

2. Developmental expressive writing disorder:

Developmental expressive writing disorder is a disorder having a quite...

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