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Global Positioning System (GPS) Survey Specifications • DECEMBER 2012


Global Positioning
System (GPS) Survey
Survey specifications describe the methods and procedures needed to
attain a desired survey accuracy standard. The specifications for Post
Processed GPS Surveys described in Section 6A are based on Federal
Geodetic Control Subcommittee (FGCS) standards. The FGCS standards
and specifications have been modified to meet the specific needs and
requirements for various types of first-order, second-order, third-order,
and general-order GPS surveys typically performed by Caltrans. The
specifications for Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS Surveys described in
Section 6B are based on accepted California Department of
Transportation standards. The specifications in Section 6A are separate
and distinct from the specifications in Section 6B. For complete details
regarding accuracy standards, refer to Chapter 5, “Classifications and
Accuracy Standards.”
Caltrans GPS 1 survey specifications are to be used for all Caltransinvolved transportation improvement projects, including special-funded
GPS surveying is an evolving technology. As GPS hardware and
processing software are improved, new specifications will be developed
and existing specifications will be changed. The specifications described
in this section are not intended to discourage the development of new
GPS procedures and techniques.
Note: Newly developed GPS procedures and techniques, which do not
conform to the specifications in this chapter, may be employed for
production surveys, if approved by the District/Region Survey Manager
in consultation with the Office of Land Surveys (OLS). Newly developed
procedures shall be submitted to the OLS for distribution and peer review
by other districts.


The generic term for satellite navigation systems is Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). The
term GPS refers to the system operated by the U.S....

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