speech eval

speech eval

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Professor Maged 5/4/16

Speech Heard In Public
For the speech that I heard on march the fifth, the main focus was about cancer, bone marrow and the meeting of the recipient to the donor. The name of the first speaker was Jay. The main purpose of his speech was to inform and to get action. The speech that I heard took place at a club in Manhattan. As an introduction to the speech Jay spoke about how he become interested in his foundation and how it started. In conclusion Jay introduced the next speaker, Albert.

The main points the Jay made was about this foundation he started. He began to explain his story. He didn't fully understand how his life got saved. He knew that someone donated their marrow but didn't know the process for how it happened. He later discovered that it was through bone marrow testing. He was telling the audience that the Jewish community never had a bone marrow registry before. He said that the number of lives the Jewish community saved when he opened up his foundation was record breaking. He said that 1 in 500 people are a match in the Jewish community, compared to the non Jewish community where 1 in 10,000 people are a match.

The support was both emotional and personal. It was both personal and emotional because this foundation is very dear to his heart and this process is what saved his life. This whole speech is basically about how his personal experience led him to where he is now and how he started his own foundation. Its emotional because he got saved by bone marrow and is amazed that he is alive and well today.

The speaker does use non verbal behavior. He uses his hand expressions to display his words. He also is dressed in a suit and tie which is nice because he is the introduction for the speaker.

My reaction to the Jay’s introduction was mutual and nothing special. I learned a lot of things I didn't know about the foundation, which is helpful....

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