Speech - Kong Kids

Speech - Kong Kids

Have you been a tutor before? I bet most of you did. Did you meet some kids that are just so disrespectful to you? What’s wrong with kids in Hong Kong?
Today, I’m going to arouse your awareness of Kong Kids. We may face the problem of Kong Kids in many situations. As tutors, sibling, or even ourselves are potential Kong Kids or future parents of them. Thus, it is crucial for all of us to know more about Kong Kids and its leading cause – helicopter parents. My presentation will be around 8 minutes. Firstly, I’ll describe the Kong Kids phenomenon, and then helicopter parents. I’ll suggest some possible solutions to parents and all of us on this problem. After that will be the Q&A session, and I prefer you to ask questions in this session. I hope that you all can have a basic idea of how Kong Kids problem can be solved or prevented after my presentation.

OK, let’s get started now. What are Kong Kids? Kong Kids are often referred to spoiled children born after 1990. They are usually born in middle class families and taken care by domestic helpers. Also, Kong Kids have 3 Lows. Low self-care ability, low adversity quotient and low emotional quotient. I’ll explain to you one by one.

Did you know how to change clothes yourselves when you were 12? If you did, you probably were not a Kong Kid. A shopping mall in Hong Kong surveyed 500 parents. Over 60% of them admitted that their children do not do any chores. In fact, 76% of them cannot change clothes themselves, 61% of them cannot take shower themselves, and 57% of them do not know how to tidy up their own things. This shows that Kong Kids have low self-care ability, and they over rely on parents or servants. This adversely affects their future life, as there are not always parents or servants to help us.

Next characteristic of Kong Kids is that their adversity quotient is low. The spokesperson of the Social Welfare Department of Hong Kong warned that Hong Kong youths’ adversity quotient is becoming lower and...

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