Speech on 4wd's

Speech on 4wd's

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The following speech is written by John Cooper. His audience is a group of board members of the RAC WA the community advocate and an independent voice for road users in WA. Venkatesh is the campaign manager of the RAC for major issues and concerns to and from the community

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen of the RAC Board, there has been a sudden increase of large vehicle deaths mainly due to 4wd’s and SUVs roll over’s and head on collision over the last decade or so which is really worrying for an organisation such as ours. We need a helpful plan to make sure that the people of Western Australia are safe on the roads. The community needs to do something about reduce the numbers of people losing their lives on the roads.

I would like to begin with a little story from the New York Post. Then I will move on to talk about what is a 4WD and then the safety issues these big cars have when operating in the metropolitan area.

Next I will give you quotes from Jeremy Clarkson’s speech on large vehicles and use statistics to

Finally, I will give you comparisons of what other countries are doing about this problem and what I recommend to families other alternative. The approach I’m recommending also requires close links with federal counter parts, local councils and P&CA and other road safety stake holders. I will be pleading the focus of 4wds become core business group.

4wds are not made for the metro area. People have the wrong mind set when they hop in these vehicles as this story from lost man crashes his 4WD into map shop
New York shows

A man in New York said he was confused about his route before he drove through the front window of a map store in his four-wheel drive clipping two pedestrians and smashing the shop front windows. We can easily see the funny play on words in this story however, the real issue which wasn’t really looked at was dangerous driving can maim and kill. In this story the real life players got out...

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