Speech on Food Restaurants

Speech on Food Restaurants

Good morning, everyone. My name is Maiko Uemura.

How often do you go to fast food restaurants? I think most people go there at least once a month.

Today, I'll talk about the fast food restaurants, McDonald's and Mos burger.
They are two of the top fast food restaurants. I'll compare them with respect to three things; the number of restaurants, age groups, and strategies.

First, I'll talk about the number of restaurants.

1)As for McDonald's, it has more than thirty thousand all over the world, and the first McDonald's in Japan is in Ginza. On the other hand, Mos burger has about 1,500 in the Asian region, and the first Mos burger is in Narimasu.

Now you know how many each restaurant chain has in the world. Then which restaurant is more popular by each age group? Next, I'll talk about age groups.

ï¼')Please look at the graph. The title of the graph is” Which fast food restaurant do you go to the most?”. It has data explaining which age groups go to which fast food restaurant the most. Red bars are McDonald's, Blue bars are Mos burger and yellow, light blue, and pink bars are other fast food restaurants. As you can see, all age groups go to Mc Donald‘s the most and Mos burger second.

Now you know a lot of people go to McDonald's and Mos burger, but they are two different types of fast food restaurants. Finally, I'll talk about each restaurant's strategies.

ï¼") As for Mc Donald's, it puts emphasis on three things "close”, "cheap” and "short”. Most McDonald's are close to stations, they have 100yen Mc, and they don't keep us waiting for a long time. For that, they prepare food even before we ask. If seven minutes have passed after they made fried potatoes, or ten minutes have passed after they made hamburgers, they have to throw them away. How about Mos burger? It puts emphasis on three things "by order”,” second rate places” and...

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