Speech Outline

Speech Outline


General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the tradition of the Tyler Junio College Apache Belles
Central Idea: The Apache Belles are a precision dance team that have been entertaining audiences since 1947.

I. Attention Material:
A. Capture Attention: Jump splits, high kicks, and red lips, a proud Texas tradition.
B. IntroduceTopic: Tyler Junior College Apache Belles

II. Orienting Material:
A. Establish Credibility (topic): The Apache Belles are a precision dance team right here in Tyler, Texas. They were established in 1947, and have thrilled audiences at home and abroad. The Apache Belles proudly embrace, preserve, and spread the knowledge of Texas drill team with their internationally famous high kicks, jump splits, precision field routines, white boots, red lips, and bright smiles as wide as the Lone Star State itself.
B. Establish Credibility (speaker): I am currently serving as an Apache Belle Dance Captain, so I am able to provide some inside information and details often missed when talking aboujt the Apache Belles.

Preview: Today I will be discussing the legacy of the Belles, the travel opportunities provided to Belles, and some unique traditions of the Belles.
I. Sixty Seven years of Texas tradition proudly displayed in the black and Gold.
A. elite legacy-history
B. Excellence in entertainment-practice
C. versitility of dance styles

Transition: Now that you know a little bit of Belle history, lets talk about all the different places the Belles have been over the past sixty seven years.

II. Being an Apache Belle means being ready to travel not just through Tyler, and not even just across Texas, but boarding a plane and traveling internationally.
A. In Texas
B. United States- Washington D.C., Hawaii
C. Internationally- South Korea, China, Ireland, Austria, Germany, France, Japan

Transition: We’ve now talked about the different places the Belles have...

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