Speech to Pursuade

Speech to Pursuade

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Speech to Persuade

Good afternoon Mr. and all my course mates.

I am glad to be given the opportunity to speak to all of you. Being school children in the age group of 13-19 years, it is easy to fall prey to social ills. It is undeniable that social ills are common in our fast developing society. There are many kinds of social ills, namely smoking, drinking, sexual immorality and drugs. The youth of today are subjected to so many kinds of problems that they are easily led into these kinds of social ills.

In today’s society, it has become necessary for both parents to work: the reason being that they want to provide the best for their children. What parents fail to understand is that the best for their children is their companionship and their love. Neglect at home has led to children loitering in shopping malls and being drawn into drugs and sexual immorality. To stop more of our youths from being lured into these vices, parents should find the time to spend with their children.

Secondly, peer group pressure is a strong influence on today’s youth. They are very brand-conscious and try to emulate their friends. Some youths will resort to first working part-time to get money buy branded goods and if that is not enough they get involved in sexual vice. These youths need to be taught the importance of moderation and self-value so that they don’t get easily influenced by others.

Students also should not be allowed to go out with friends as and when they please. Parents need to make it compulsory for students to be home by a certain time. Parents also should be wary of their teenagers’ driving habits. Many tragedies have happened where teenagers were involved in speeding or drink-driving.

Media influence is yet another important factor to consider. Youths need to be guided. They need to be educated that their Asian cultural values are very enriching. They can imitate the good values of the west but they must not lose their identity as an Asian and...

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