The Frames Half Yearly Notes

Subjective Frame

• Looks at the feeling and emotions responses we can get from the artworks. It identifies the persona Responses of the artist and audiences.
• The way in which Subjective or personal concerns can be paramount to an artist in his or her art making.
• The personal beliefs and values of the artist as conveyed through the artwork.
• The Artist’s deeply Felt Spiritual, Psychological or emotional experiences which can govern the process and form of representation found in the artwork.
• The ability of artworks to revive or provoke emotional, sensory and intellectual responses from the audience.
• The intimacy of the artwork to the audience and/or artist.
• The use of the artwork as conduit (and agent or mouthpiece) for an artist’s experiences.
• The Strategies of the artist that evoke personal responses in the audience. How does the audience respond or empathies with the artwork?

Structural Frame

• This looks at the approach to form and treatment of the materials in the artwork. It scrutinizes how the artwork is put together and what technology is used.
• The formal element of the artwork that demonstrates certain conventions and rules that relate to style, genre or material practice.
• Recognizing the underlying features that influence and determine the structure of an artwork.
• The aesthetic order within the artwork- signs and symbols used convey meaning.
• The effective use of visual codes and conventions to convey ideas
• The rules about specific forms of organization in different artworks, which differ for each medium. It is important to know what these rules are, and their significance, in the medium you are studying.
• The elements of design that show how effective structure can be achieved in and artwork.
• The artist’s particular approach or philosophy to ark making.

Cultural Frame

• This deals with the way the artist and / or...

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