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Informative Speech

Title: Cryonics: A Change for a New Life?

Thesis Statement: I would like to give you a brief overview of the history, methods, and future of cryonics.

I. Introduction

II. What is Cryonics?
A. Definition of cryonics.
B. History of cryonic science.

III. How Does Cryonics Work?
A. Methods of body freezing.
B. When is a body frozen?
C. Where are bodies stored?

IV. What is the Future of Cryonics?

V. Conclusion

Please imagine the following situations: Situation one: The time is now. Your mother has suffered a heart attack. Unable to obtain its full blood supply, a part of her heart is dying. Situation two: you walk out of this class, drive to your home, and learn that one of your grandparents is lying motionless in his or her nursing home bed. Advanced age, complicated by a stroke, is about to end their lives. Situation three: a close friend has just entered the hospital with complications from multiple scrosis; this time, physicians cannot promise that your friend will leave the hospital alive.

For most people, the situations described above would indicate the end of life because today's medical practices can no longer help them. Surely, you think, the people in the above situations will soon die. But, just for a few minutes, consider a new possibility---the possibility that all of you, your mother, your grandparents, and your friend with MS may meet again in the far future. Does this sound like science fiction? Maybe. But this seeming impossibility may one day be a possibility through the process of cryonics.

“What is cryonics?” is an often asked question. Cryonics is the process of freezing human beings after death in the hope that medical science will be able to revive them in the future. Intrigued by the prospect of being cryonically frozen, I've spent some time researching the subject of cryonics. After reading...

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