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Informative Speech Outline: How to Write a Resume

At the end of my speech, the audience will be informed on how to write a resume.
How many of you here have applied for a job and had to turn in a resume? Well for those who haven’t, today you are going to witness three of the most important parts to making a resume. But some of you are wondering what a resume is? According to the Los Angeles County Office of Education a resume is a summary about you that provides the employer with your qualifications for the job.
Central Idea:
Using these techniques will help you make a good quality resume and can maybe even get you the job you are applying for.
We will first talk about how the job objective, skills and abilities, and accomplishments play a major role on making a resume.
I. The job objective is the most important part of your resume as it will help you focus on what information to include.
A) The body of your resume will support your objective, so you should carefully consider what information you want to include. Keep this in mind because this section is in the top one-third o your resume, it will attract the mist attention from the employer.
1) Be specific and concise, outline the specific job you’re applying for and the skills and abilities you are offering.
II. Skills and abilities can play a major part in your resume. It gives the employer a brief description of what you have to offer the company.
A) When writing your skills or abilities make sure that you always give out a positive image about yourself
1) For example, an employer will always look for these qualifications. Such as, a person who has a strong sense of responsibility, an enthusiastic team player and someone who is up to any challenge.
III. Accomplishments inform the employer on what you...

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