Speed Art Museam Paper

Speed Art Museam Paper

Cultural Experience at The speed art museum

By Zagreos

I had planed on going to The Speed Art Museum on many occasions; however I never got around to it until my brother finally came home from college for summer break. I dislike looking at art I don’t consider good art because it is sloppy and emotionless for me. When I went to the Speed Art Museum I figured I might see some really sloppy art, but it was pretty good. Below is a picture of peaches titled, “Peaches” by William Mason Brown. I took a picture (my picture is at the bottom right), but I had a bad camera with me and there wasn’t enough light, so it didn’t come out too well.

By looking the picture alone you can not feel its depth, but when I went to the museum it looked very real. I’ve had a few peaches within this last few months and I can not help but notice they have the same skin texture. It has an actual texture feel to it. If you’ve had a fresh peach lately you’ll notice that the texture of the peach is looking kind of velvet. The leaf had a rough texture however and that was what I thought was really interesting.
The colors of the painting have a variety of hues. This painting contains neutral colors, warm colors, and cool colors. The hues of green create the texture for the leaf, while the hues of red and orange create the peach and its texture. The neutral color creates the back ground and the ground. The bright color of the peaches causes it to stick out do to the contrast of the peach and its surroundings.
The hazel atmospheric perspective adds to how real the peaches look and its depth. Looking this painting and William Mason’s other paintings, my mouth wants to water because his still life captures its juiciness and life by using its background to make the fruits stick out more vibrant. The background disappears into darkness as it contrasts to the bright peaches.
I would recommend going to the speed art museum if you feel you can appreciate all types of art. Some people just...

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