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I’m here to teach you about time management…How many people here a difficulty managing their school workload? I myself am guilty of procrastination.

Create blocks of study time. Start with blocks around an hour for the basic stuff and create longer blocks of studying for the more advanced stuff. Take breaks if you need to, help get through the studying, the more difficult the assignment the more breaks you should take to help you get through it. You should schedule blocks of studying time to help ensure the fact that you will actually study.

Set up weekly reviews, where you review the material you’ve learned over the week, to cut down on studying time and to help refresh your memory. 

It’s good to recognize the different difficulties and importance of the assignments you have to complete.  It is good to develop a habit of studying the most difficult and important material first, or finishing the important and lengthy assignments first.  This way if more assignments are assigned it won’t be as much of a problem with the difficult assignments out of the way and only the less challenging assignments remain. Also if you do decide to procrastinate, at least if you have finished the more time consuming assignments you won’t be up all night finishing the easier assignments (hopefully).

When you work on your assignments or study it is best to do it in a place where you know you can concentrate. If your dorm room is relatively distraction free, then that’s a great place (but I doubt it’s distraction-free)..but the library is the best place. At the library there are large tables to spread out your work and it is a silent environment. If live at home and you can concentrate there, then that’s another great place to work. Doing your work in an environment where you can concentrate helps you get the assignment done quicker and easier and can also increase the quality of the work.

It’s good to look over your readings and study material briefly before...

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