Spewing creative story

Spewing creative story

How teacher told the student that his goal is unrealistic but the student worked hard and built the ladder step by step and got to the other side of the wall (unrealistic goal).
A group of friends go on a trip and discover that what they thought was a “perfect group” wasn’t so perfect after all, and started question each other if their friendship was true or not. Throughout the trip series of event happen that make them realise that they are the “perfect group” of friends.
Jesse who wants to become a director and finds an internship under one a well-known director. The director treats Jesse like shit, as if she’s worth noting.
Jena who always acts hard and hangs out with all the cool kids, doing drugs, going to parties, bullying then not so popular kids. One day gets expelled
Luke’s world gets destroyed, his parents kill them self due to financial problems. The bank then takes away his home and he’s left on the streets. He is then put in an orphanage and feels like he shouldn’t be there.
Scott’s parents force him to be a doctor and he becomes a doctor to fulfil their wish but he wanted to become a teacher. He gets miserable later in life, regretting becoming a doctor.

Creative Story

“Today’s the day!” It was the day of his bachelor’s trip. The planning started the day he got engaged, our friend fell for trap. And this trip was to show him what he will be missing while he is married. We are going to Las Vegas, where “Whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. It was 2a.m. and I got out the door as the cold breeze hit me, I realised I left my coat inside. But I carried on anyway cause I couldn’t wait to go hangout with ‘the boys’. Rushing to the airport as being scared about missing my flight. Luckily I got there in time and Jason was the only one there. “Where are the rest of the boys?” I asked anxiously.

A cold punch of wind hit my face as I walked through the airport door. “Jason!” it was William dragging his bag with a smaller bag strapped...

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