2. Describe each of the following fitness tests performed in class and state which fitness component is tested.

Beep Test - Cardiovascular Endurance
1.6km Run - Cardiovascular Endurance
Coopers 12 Minute Run - Cardiovascular Endurance
Sit and Reach - Flexibility
Grip Dynameter - Muscular Strength
Push ups - Muscular Endurance
Curl ups - Muscular Endurance
Illinois agility test - Agility
Stork Stand - Balance
Hand Wall Toss - Coordination
50 meter Sprint - Speed
Basketball Throw - Power
Vertical Jump - Power
Standing Long Jump - Power

3. Define all the health related fitness components(flexiblity, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Body Composition and Cardiovascular Endurance)

Flexibilty - The abilty to stretch your muscles or joints, Gymnastics, Stretching before a football game.

Muscular Strength - Defined by the ability of your body's muscle to generate force in a short period of time.
Muscular Endurance - The ability to perform repetitive or sustained muscular contractions against some resistance for and extended period of time.
Body Compostion - The ratio of lean body mass.

Cardiovascular Endurance - the ability of the heart to provide oxygen to muscles during physical activity for a prolonged period of time.
4. Define all the skill related fitness components (coordiantion, power, Balance, Speed, Reaction Time, and Agility)
Coordination - The ability to synchronize movement of the arms, legs and torso while the body is in motion.
Power - Using Phyisical Strength to throw a basketball or kick a football.
Balance - The ability to stand straight or ride a skateboard etc.
Speed - Ability to move the whole body quickly, Running, 50m Sprint etc.
Reaction Time - The time it takes for a person to respond, Catching a ball etc.
Agility - Ability to start, stop, and move the body quickly in different directions.

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