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Hello my name is Sportacoccus. I am a member of the kingdom Eubacteria. I have become an extremely mighty force in my area of work. Most humans can’t avoid me. I am practically everywhere in one way or another.

I spread very quickly and rarely stop growing. I’m a coccus bacterium which means im a circular shape. I also grow in a colony that loves to reproduce and get larger. I am similar to other bacteria, but different in other ways. I am not deadly but highly contagious and I will make sure I am a major obstacle in your life in many ways. If you have me I can promise you that you will know it!

Especially in this generation the humans like to workout or play sports. When they do these types of activities they are going to sweat and give off warm fluids. This is where I thrive. Even though there is an absence of sunlight the heat from hot tubs, saunas, showers, and even body heat create a perfect growing environment for me. To grow basically, if you’re sweating, giving off heat, and touching a surface with bare skin I can infect you. Are you worried?

I have talked so far about my name where I like to be and now I will talk about what will happen when you get me. If you have me, you will see me as a boil, with multiple ring figures around the boil. Some of you will get me and only get one or two: boils, but for others there could be a full colony of me all over your body, anywhere really. For me to spread I must have a warm, moist environment and I will go anywhere including the scalp, arms/legs, hands, feet, groin, nails, and any other areas. There are different degrees. Sometimes I will just look bad and barely itch but for others it will burn and itch. The skin may frequently peel and in particularly severe cases, there may be some cracking, pain, and even bleeding as well. There is also a very small rare chance you will get me and not know I am there at all.

To live I need nutrition, and for something powerful and large like...