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Some people play sport to keep fit, some do it for the fun of it and others are so good at what they play that they make money from it. Sports has many advantages, you keep very fit and healthy while having fun. Another great reason is that you can learn a sense of teamwork and communication plus you make friends for life.

Playing a sport can keep you healthier both mentally and physically. Experts have shown that if you choose a sport or activity you enjoy, you are more likely to stick with it and participate consistently unlike doing exercise you dislike and lost interest in. and if you play a sport like swimming, basketball, tennis etc.. It can help you reduce your risk of developing a range of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and some forms of cancer.

Another benefit of sport is that you can learn a sense of teamwork and communication. Plus it helps you with making friends and is a great socializing environment that is full of fun and loads of interacting with other.
You may even make a new best friend??

So whether you want to get fit or you want to lose weight sport is a great way to do so. Not only is it fun and interactive but it keeps you fit and healthy, and has tons of benefits including the fact that it lowers the risk of dying prematurely and helps your coordination skills.
So what are you waiting for, get out, get active and start playing!

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